Records show councilman’s non-profit salary

Greensboro Councilman Mike Barber took home more than $86,000 in salary as president of a local non-profit in 2012, according to the organization’s Form 990 filing with the IRS.

Barber, an attorney by trade, pushed back heavily against Councilman Tony Wilkins this week when Wilkins requested city staff provide a list of the top two salaries for each non-profit funded by the city.

In the past, the city has funded the Wyndham Championship Golf Tournament, which itself announced recently a large contribution to Barber’s program in the form of scholarships for young golfers. Those scholarships are used to pay fees that fund the non-profit.

In 2012, Barber was paid $86, 250 as president of the organization which teaches golf to young people. The executive director’s salary was also listed. That amount was $35,208. Both Barber and the executive director are listed as working full-time for the organization at 40 hours per week.

The 990 shows total revenues for 2012 of $351,252. More than $204,000 came from contributions, with $25,000 coming from program revenues. Another $120,000 came from fundraising events listed as “golf tournaments.”

As a percentage of total revenue, Barber’s salary represents 24.5 percent of the non-profit’s income. Taking out the fundraising aspect, which ostensibly should go for program services, Barber’s salary amounts to more than 42 percent of the organization’s received contributions.

The 990 shows an additional $80,041 in non-specified salaries. Total salaries for the organization eat up 57 percent of all revenues. Expenses for camps and clinics, the rationale for the organization, amount to $23, 193, or six percent of total revenue.

Barber recently voted to approve nearly $2 million in economic incentives to bring a Wyndham Hotel to downtown Greensboro. The Wyndham Championship announced last month a new scholarship program to fund an additional 75 participants in the program.