Economic Literacy Series Open to Greensboro Teens


Summer is all fun and games for a teen until they realize they have no idea how to balance a checkbook. With a heated national discourse around the financial struggles of post-grads squeezed by student debt and low-income jobs, the Greensboro Public Library and Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union have teamed up for an Economic Literacy Summer Series.

The series consists of programs held from June 7 to August 5 designed by ReBuildUp, a company based in Greensboro that provides resources to “inspire the current and next generation of entrepreneurs about economics and business.”

The Greensboro Municipal Credit Union already provides teen-focused services such as youth accounts and resources about saving for college and credit card debt prevention. Marketing Director Holly Bent said, “We encourage financial literacy in youth. We devote a whole summer to series and events on it.”

The classes are held at a different branch of the Greensboro Public Library each week and consist of ReBuildUp’s Economy Jr. and Pitch Drill programs.

Economy Jr. similar to a choose-your-own-adventure game about balancing a budget. Players choose whether they’d like to participate as merchant trying to sell enough product to cover overhead costs, or as a consumer with a monthly paycheck that must cover bills and necessities such as groceries and child care.

Pitch Drill is fast-moving introduction to what it’s like to pitch business solutions to a team of supervisors. Both games designed for 4 to 32 people and takes about 40 minutes and to be used at schools or by Girl Scout troops or youth groups or any other youth events.

The summer series is aimed at teens who may need some guidance on how to spend their summer job paycheck.

Michael Norbury promoted the series at a booth during the Teen Summit on May 31. Norbury was displaying an Economy Jr. game for event attendees to explore.  Teens could come up to the table and quickly scan the chart to look at the average salaries and education requirements for different occupations.

The next event in the series will be at the Nussbaum Center on Saturday June 14. All events in the series are free and open to the public – young and old.

Kathi Dubel from the Economic and Business Development Support Department for the City of Greensboro said, “We could all find value in being more knowledgeable about personal finance”


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