Teen Summit Planned for Next Saturday in Greensboro


The City of Greensboro is hosting a summit to inform teens about programs and community events they can do over the summer.  The Teen Summit will be held on downtown on Saturday, May 31st.

Councilwoman Sharon Hightower promoted the event at the end of the last City Council meeting and again at the end of the East Greensboro Study Committee meeting on Thursday afternoon.

“There’s going to be free food, it’s going to be fun and hopefully it will encourage kids to stay busy and out of trouble,” said Hightower.

Guildford County School students end the school year on June 19th this year. For a bored, unsupervised kid with working parents and nothing else to do, summer vacation can lead to problems.

The City Summit will have more than 15 local service providers there to advise and inform teens about different career paths and how they can get involved in their communities.  Members of City Council will also be there to encourage teens to get participate in local government.

The Teen Summit will be held from 3-6pm on Saturday at the Greensboro Cultural Center on 200 N. Davie Street.

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