Water Costs in Greensboro May Trickle Higher

photo 2

The 2014-2015 budget for Greensboro’s Water & Sewer Fund was presented to City Council members on Wednesday afternoon.

Water Resources Department Director Steven Drew reviewed the factors that could increase monthly water bills by $1.48 a month for inside customers and $6.70 for outside customers.

The state’s Jordan Lake Regulatory requirements account for part of the rate increase. Other rate drivers include regulatory costs and necessary improvements needed for utilities infrastructure.

No one likes to see a bill increase, and Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson anticipated the need to explain the rate changes to Greensboro residents.   “People need to know that we didn’t just make this up, ” Johnson said. “Are we going to put something in the water bill to help our residents understand that this was a state mandate?”

Even with the forecasted increases, Greensboro would still have the third lowest water costs in the state.

Drew said that Greensboro is fortunate to be able to gradually increase rates over time as it begins improving infrastructure and that other cities that have delayed necessary updates are experiencing dramatic spikes in utilities costs.


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