City reviewing pressure washing payments to city employee-owned company

The city is reviewing a relationship with a pressure washing service that is registered to a city employee. According to information released from the City of Greensboro this afternoon, Mel’s Pressure Washing has received $449,194 for pressure washing truck bays and lubricating truck-related parts since 2008.

Mel’s Pressure Washing is registered with the Guilford County Register of Deeds Office as owned by Melvin Dick. Dick is employed by the city of Greensboro as a service writer in Finance, Equipment Services. He was hired in 2007, just before his company began billing the city for pressure washing services. According to city records, the privilege license issued by the city lists Dick’s wife, Mattie, as the owner of the company.

The work was described by city staff as:

“The arrangement for cleaning the truck bays is $250/week.  The service includes daily cleaning of two manual wash bays and one automated wash bay.  Specifically, all trash and debris is removed from the floor, grates are removed to shovel debris (trash, mud, sand, etc.) from the catch basin prior the debris getting into the drainage system.  Refuse trucks (front, rear, and side loaders) and many other pieces of heavy equipment are cleaned daily.

With regard to the lubrication and greasing work, Mel’s services the solid waste truck packer bodies @ $16.50/per truck and the truck bodies are lubricated once/week.

At this point, the City has ceased operations with Mel’s pending the outcome of the review. However, as these services are still needed, the City expects to issue an RFP to receive bids. Goal would be to have contracts in place some time in May.”

You can view a list of payments to Mel’s Pressure Washing here.

Donnie Turlington, communications manager for the city of Greensboro, said that community activist Ben Holder brought forward allegations of a conflict of interest related to Mel’s Pressure Washing. Holder was concerned that a city employee had a contract to conduct this service.

“As we looked into it we raised concerns as to whether there was a contract in place,” Turlington said. The city suspended its working relationship with Mel’s Pressure Washing while a review is being conducted. Melvin Dick is still employed by the city and no personnel action has been taken against him while the city’s employee relations group reviews the situation.

Turlington said it was unclear if any city policies related to vendor services had been violated.

“We certainly understand that there could be an issue and that’s why we are looking into it,” he added.

The work was performed at the city’s Patterson Avenue facility. Turlington said the work would most likely be performed at the end of the day  after business hours when the trucks and truck bays were not in use. Dick currently works a first-shift job, but according to his employee records he was a “night service writer” from Jan. 2011 until Sept. 2012. He began working for the city in 2007 as an equipment mechanic and was promoted to preventive maintenance in July 2008.


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