Possible Streetcar in Winston-Salem


The city of Winston-Salem may be in the process of installing a streetcar route.

City Council members met this week and decided to endorse a plan for a $179 million dollar streetcar route. The route would run from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

Council member Robert Clark was the only council member who opposed the plan, noting that the downtown area may not have the urban population to support a streetcar. Other council members disputed this idea by saying that the streetcar would promote the urban density needed to support it.

Clark also has doubts that the streetcar would be worth the expensive investment.

City Council members mentioned that while the start-up cost of this plan is expensive, federal dollars can be used to help cover it.

While the vote for endorsement was passed, the project is still in its very early stages. The City is required to come up with almost $1.5 million to do testing and studies if they do plan to move forward with the project.

Over the next few months, City administrators will be compiling a list of necessary steps to take for the streetcar project, and it will be presented to the councils.

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