Winston-Salem Urban League Welcomes New President

Don Williams takes on the title of president and CEO of the WSUL starting today, Feb 27 2014.

Williams is a former Chair on the Board of Directors of the WSUL and a former corporative executive. He has extensive experience in many aspects of business including human resources and management. He graduated from Greensboro College with a B.S. degree in business management and business administration, and he also graduated from the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.

Williams was an active board member of Hospice of Wilkes, Wilkes Library, YMCA and is currently a board member for the ADAP and Wells Fargo Advisory Boards.

Williams replaces Keith Grandberry who resigned last month due to an undisclosed matter.

While the WSUL still remains quiet about Grandberry’s departure, they are excited for their new president.

Evelyn Acree, Chair of the Board of Directors of WSUL boasts that their new president “brings a lifetime of corporate experience that will be so valuable as we begin to shape the future of the Urban League.”

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