Water service disruptions in Winston-Salem tonight

Water service to Winston-Salem residents in Sunnyside and Washington Park neighborhoods will be shut off overnight while city crews replace two water valves and repair a section of a water main.

The affected streets will be:

Acadia St. from Sunnyside Avenue to Hollyrood Street

·   Banner Avenue

·   100 block of Cascade Avenue

·   2000 block of Main Street

·   2100 block of Rawson Street

·   Violet Street

·   2000-2400 blocks of Broad Street

·   1800-2100 blocks of Sunnyside Avenue

Residents are advised to take the following precautions:

·   Store an adequate supply for cooking and drinking.

·   Turn water heater circuit breaker to the off position. (Residents with gas water heaters should contact their gas company if they have any questions.)

·   Avoid opening any faucets or flushing any toilets during this time. This will help minimize air in your pipes.

When service is restored it is recommended that users flush their system by running discolored water through the bathtub.

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